Things You Cannot Rely On for Support:


1. Men
2. Women
3. Bras


What really upsets me about the “Well, if Michael Brown was white no one would care…” comment is that when it’s voiced it demonstrates the privilege it is trying to deny it maintains.

When you can afford scenarios contingent on “if” you are stepping over those amongst us who must answer for “when”.


Everyone’s watching The Purge like it’s fiction.

But then turning on the news to find out it’s not.

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Oh, look—the scum of the Earth grew thumbs and learned to read and write.


Reblog and report this page! Help the family and people of Ferguson, MO bring justice to Michael Brown and his family by ensuring Officer Darren Wilson is formally charged and held accountable for his actions.

Wilson shot and killed an unarmed black teenager. His initial report stated he believed Brown to be a robbery suspect. When pursued, Brown fled and was shot subsequently in the back. However, Brown was shot six times: twice in the head and four times in the right arm. He had received no shots to the back.

He was unarmed and witness reports confirm what the autopsy suggests: the victim had been killed by execution fire.

Furthermore, the owners of the store suspected to have been robbed by Brown have stated publicly to police, legal counsel, and media that they never reported a robbery and they never believed that Brown was a suspect.

Update: Several officers, in support of Darren Wilson, are asking Captain Ron Johnson to be removed from his post for issuing a public apology and expressing his concerns as a black father during a sermon to a congregation of black men, women, and children. They believe this is a violation of his neutrality and because an investigation is still underway and no charges have been filed—Johnson has eliminated due process for Wilson.

However, this consideration was not afforded to Michael Brown. Before any information was made available to the public regarding the shooting, law enforcement released video and images of Brown “robbing” a convenience store and painted him a thug. They marred his name before even allowing the Brown family to hold a funeral service for their deceased son. 

Officers have removed their name tags and Darren Wilson has left the city of Ferguson. 

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Allison Weiss has my phone number and that’s all you need to know.